C-Net's successful ERP implementation

One of the C-Net' successful ERP implementation has been chosen by Microsoft as their Global case study on dynamics Ax and currently being displayed on Microsoft Dynamics Home page www.microsoft.com/en-in/dynamics/default.aspx.


UDED (Urban Development and Environment Department) of the Government of MP (GoMP) is responsible for urban management and planning and development in Madhya Pradesh.The main responsibilities of UDED are as below.

  1. Dissemination of Various government Rules / Circulars / Instructions pertaining to urban development, management and planning.
  2. Supervision of Divisional offices (7) and local administration.
  3. Provision of any information on urban development, requested by GoMP and GoI (Government of India)
  4. Monitoring the implementation of various schemes and projects.
  5. Raising funds for urban development in the State.
  6. Management and utilization of funds and reporting to funding agencies.

UDED has been proactively encouraging 14 Municipal Corporations and 360 ULBs (Urban Local Bodies) to accelerate the adoption of e-governance initiatives throughout the state. UDED is responsible for making rules for municipal staff in respect of: Recruitment, Qualifications, Promotions, Leave, Scale of Pay, All staff allowances, Loans and Advances, Retirement benefits such as Pensions, Gratuity, Annuity, Compassionate fund, provident fund, etc.

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